Merino - Hanex Solid Surfaces

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Everyday cleaning: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge. For basic stains, clean with mild detergents or general all purpose cleaners. Periodically go over surface with a mild abrasive cleanser to maintain a uniform appearance.

Heat damage: To prevent any damage from heat, never place hot items directly on the surface. Always use trivets with rubber feet when placing hot items on the Solid Surface.

Chemical damage: Avoid contact with strong chemicals that can cause damage to the surface such as oven cleaners, acetone, paint removers and other strong chemicals. If exposed, promptly rinse with water. Remember, prolonged contact with harsh chemicals can cause serious damage to the Solid Surface.

Simple steps to avoid damage: Avoid cutting directly on the Solid Surface. Always use a cutting board. Never place hot pans directly on the Solid Surface.

Removing persistent stains: To remove persistent stains or scratches, scrub the stained area with a mild abrasive cleanser. Deep scratches and/or other damages may require professional repair.

Hanex Joint Adhesive is recommended only for use on Merino - Hanex Solid Surfaces.

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